YPC Weekly Newsletter



On May 19 the representatives of the RA Service of Compulsory Execution of
Court Acts put an arrest on the property of “Hraparak” daily founder, “Hraparak
Oratert” LLC. The penalty was applied as a pre-award relief to secure a suit.
The suit was filed on April 2009 by “Gind” printing house to the court of general
jurisdiction of Arabkir and Nor Nork communities of Yerevan. The plaintiff demands
“Hraparak Oratert” LLC to recover the debt and the fines for delay in payment
in the amount of 1.2 million AMD (about $ 3,200).

As Chief Editor of “Hraparak” daily Armineh Ohanian told YPC, the debt to “Gind”
printing house, over 3 million AMD, has been accumulated during January- September
2008. According to Armineh Ohanian, since October “Hraparak” has started to
be issued at “Tigran Mets” publishing house, where the printing costs are lower.
At the same time, while “Hraparak” was gradually recovering the liabilities
to “Gind”, the publishing house went to the court, the Chief Editor stressed.

It should be noted that “Hraparak” continues to be published with the same