YPC Weekly Newsletter



On May 15 issue of “Pakagits” daily was suspended. As the Chief Editor of the
daily Agapi Haykazuni said, “Gind” printing house quit publishing the daily
due to debts. According to Agapi Haykazuni, the debt was formed through the
arrest put on the property and financial assets of “Pakagits” founder, “Agap-ARD”
LLC, as a pre-award relief to secure the suit filed by Martun Ivanian.

The conflict started in 2006. On December 14, 2006 the court of primary jurisdiction
of Erebuni and Nubarashen communities of Yerevan committed the founder of “Pakagits”
(at that time it was “Agap-Hrat” LLC) to repaying the debt of 9.048 million
AMD to Martun Ivanian, formed as a result of contractual liabilities. The debt
was not paid, and on February 20, 2007 the publication of “Pakagits” was suspended.
The representatives of the RA Service of Compulsory Execution of Court Acts
took away the property of “Agap-Hrat” from the editorial office. On February
22, 2007 the daily was resumed, but yet with a new owner – “Agap-ARD” LLC (see
YPC Weekly Newsletter, February
16-22, 2007

In March 2009 Martun Ivanian filed a new suit, this time against Agapi Haykazuni.
As a pre- award relief the court of general jurisdiction of Arabkir and Kanaker-Zeytun
communities of Yerevan arrested the property and financial assets of Agapi Haykazuni
and “Agap-ARD” LLC. On May 18 the suit was secured. The court committed Agapi
Haykazuni to repaying Martun Ivanian the debt, which, including percents, came
to 9.54 million AMD (about $ 25,500). Besides, the defendant has to compensate
the sue charges in the amount of 180,000 AMD.