YPC Weekly Newsletter



On September 2 Internews Media Support public organization and Center for Information
Law and Policy addressed a letter to Nerses Yeritsian, Chairman of the Interdepartmental
Commission on TV and Radio Digitalization in Armenia, RA Minister of Economics.
The amendment to the RA Law “On Television and Radio” of September 10, 2008,
introducing a moratorium on holding broadcast licensing competitions till July
20, 2010, has created “an atmosphere of ambiguity” for regional TV companies,
the letter stressed. First of all it refers to the expected transition from
analog to digital broadcasting in Armenia. The issue was covered by heads of
regional TV companies during several round tables administered by Internews
and the Center for Information Law and Policy.

The letter to Nerses Yeritsian was attended by the call of 13 regional TV companies,
asking to envisage a different approach in the program of digitalization for
regional and Yerevan broadcasters. The concern of regional TV companies is firstly
conditioned by the fact whether they will be able to ensure all the requirements
of broadcast digitalization while having insufficient technical equipment and
financial means. Besides, the call emphasized the necessity of publicity, transparency
of the process of broadcast digitalization program elaboration, which will allow
the regional TV companies to be better informed and overcome beforehand the
related issues. The TV companies noted about the Recommendation Rec (2003)9
of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe “On Measures to Promote
the Democratic and Social Contribution of Digital Broadcasting”. The Recommendation
stresses the necessity of public discussion, as well as the participation of
interested parties in the development of national strategy of digitalization,
aiming to minimize probable negative consequences. In conclusion, the regional
TV companies expressed their readiness to attend to the drafting of the program
on turning to digital broadcasting.