YPC Weekly Newsletter



On February 15 National Commission on Television and Radio approved the criteria for erotic TV and radio programs, films, containing horror and violence scenes, as well as programs which could have negative influence on the health, mental, physical growth and education of minors. As it has been reported, the document was developed by expert commission (established under the NCTR) in compliance with the requirements of Article 24 of RA Law “On Television and Radio”, authorizing the broadcast of such programs only at night (from 24.00 till 6.00). Some of these criteria raised doubt, first of all for blurred wordings, assuming a broad and subjective interpretation (see details in YPC Weekly Newsletter, February 5-11, 2010).

Later on the document was revised. Yet its new, already approved version raises quite a few questions. As before, a number of definitions, in particular of what can negatively affect the minors invoke amazement. For instance, who and how will define “the discredit and humiliation of national figures, cultural heritage” or “ the distortion of historical events”? The reference to “general educational programs” as an indisputable credible source is rather dubious – the latter are being seriously criticized, too. And even if the quality of educational programs did not cast doubts, couldn’t the TV, radio programs, including discussion programs, come up with approaches, different from textbooks?