YPC Weekly Newsletter



On May 31 RA Administrative Court of Etchmiadzin, reconsidered the suit of Freedom of Information Center versus Parakar rural community (Armavir region) and secured the demands of the plaintiff. As it has been reported, in July 2009 FOI Center addressed the court versus Parakar rural community, demanding to hold the inaction of the village Elder Samvel Vardanian, who did not answer fully to the request on land allotment in January 2009. On August 13, 2009 the suit was declined by RA Administrative Court, and FOI Center appealed the decision at the upper court jurisdiction. On March 19, 2010 RA Court of Cassation secured the claim of the plaintiff partially. The Court stated that the Elder of Parakar village could not answer the request fully, as it did not dispose of the required information for some objective reasons. The Court of Cassation called off the decision of the Administrative Court and sent the case for reconsideration by the same jurisdiction (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, March 19-25, 2010).

At the session of May 31 the Administrative Court secured the demand of FOI Center, by holding the inaction of the village Elder and obliging him to provide fully the requested information.