YPC Weekly Newsletter



This week the Republican Center of Telecommunications in a telephone conversation with “Noyan Tapan” information and analysis center said that “Noyan Tapan” TV company will not be allowed to restore the previous area of broadcasting. This, according to the Center of Telecommunications, will soon be confirmed by an official letter.

The conflict between “NT” and RCT, that has been on for a month and a half, at first sight

consists in purely technical problems. The Center of Telecommunications, in particular, argues that “Noyan Tapan” broadcasting on the 34th frequency disturbs the work of other channels, and especially the special communication line of RA Ministry of National Security. According to “NT” Director Tigran Haroutiunian, his suggestions on conducting joint testing to verify the presence of disturbances were rejected. The demands of the RCT – to change the transmitter and move to the 39th frequency are unacceptable for “Noyan Tapan”, as this requires significant funds, currently not in the possession of “NT”.

As a result, the Center of Telecommunications, a monopolist in the given sphere, prohibited the use of antenna, and the TV company had to use an antenna that does not correspond to the technical requirements of broadcasting equipment. This brought about tenfold deterioration of the power of the transmitter, in its turn leading to narrowing of the broadcast area and decrease in audience. According to "NT" administration, the quality of broadcasting has also deteriorated. All this causes significant economic damage to the TV company, as it does not allow attracting advertisers, especially during the pre-New Year period.

As Tigran Haroutiunian states, if the previous conditions of broadcasting are not restored in the nearest future, “NT” will turn off the transmitter itself and will resort to steps protecting its rights and interests. Moreover, in the view of the fact that, as “Noyan Tapan” puts it, the technical aspect of the problem, even if it does exist, is far from being the only and the main factor. The company recollects that the conflict started after the events of October 30, when a meeting organized by Arkadiy Vardanian, President of International Association “XXI Century”, was held. In connection with the arrest of the latter “NT” journalists interviewed his wife, telephoning afterwards to the editorial office and mentioning that they had also prepared a material on journalists’ rights violation on behalf of the power structures. Yet, the air of “Noyan Tapan” was interrupted before long: somebody, rather expeditiously, with no notice given to the TV company, disconnected the power supply of the transmitter. Since then, RCT has been very active in voicing various claims that hinder and obstruct the activities of “NT”.