YPC Weekly Newsletter



On February 9 in the City of Gyumri (Shirak region of Armenia) “Asparez” Journalists’ Club initiated a discussion of the RA Law “On Television and Radio”. According to Levon Barsegian, the President of “Asparez”, the purpose of the discussion was to bring together at a “round table” the leaders of the local TV and radio companies, the representatives of Armenian NGOs, international organizations and the deputies of RA National Assembly elected from Shirak region, so that the members of the Parliament could have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the attitude the journalistic community has in the issue of broadcasting regulation. However, Sukias Avetisian was the only one of the eight deputies invited to take part in the meeting.

During the active debates on the broadcasting Law and the situation that has arisen around it, Yerevan Press Club handed to Mr. Avetisian two Draft Laws “On Amendments and Additions to RA Law ‘On Television and Radio’”, developed and already submitted to the appropriate Parliament Committee by journalistic associations and a number of TV and radio companies of Armenia  (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, January 27 – February 2, 2001). “Shant” TV & Radio Company of Gyumri and “Asparez” Journalists’ Club also submitted to the deputy their suggestions on amending the Law.

The participants supported the initiative of Sukias Avetisian to conduct a few more regular meetings of this kind, where the legislators representing Shirak region, having reviewed the suggestions of journalists on amendments to the Law, will discuss and possibly introduce them, as a single document, to the consideration of the RA National Assembly.