YPC Weekly Newsletter



On February 7, 2001, at RA National Assembly session, the draft law on amendments to RA Law “On Television and Radio” was adopted after the second hearing.

During the debates held on February 6, the suggestion of RA Government on reducing the number of members of National Commission on Television and Radio (from 9, as the Law stipulated, to 5) was considered. The Government argued that it will result in greater effectiveness of the Commission’s activities and efficient use of funds.

As a result of discussions the compromise variant, suggested by the NA Standing Committee on Science, Education, Culture and Youth Issues, was accepted: the number of the members of the National Commission will remain the same, but only the positions of the chairman and vice-chairman will be salaried.

Meanwhile, it is not quite clear, why the anxiety of the Government and the Parliament referred to the expenses of the National Commission, the functions of which are rather broad, whereas all the five members of the Council of the Public Television and Radio, whose responsibilities are quite limited, will still be salaried.

As to the expected amendments to other articles of the RA Law “On Television and Radio”, in particular, the articles recognized by the RA Constitutional Court to be contradicting the Constitution of the country, the work on these continues.