YPC Weekly Newsletter



On January 12, 2001, the TV and radio companies of Armenia made a decision to stop their broadcasts from 20:00 till 20:45 protesting the recently adopted RA Law “On Television and Radio”.  

This action is directed not only against the provisions that were recognized by RA Constitutional Court to contradict the Constitution, but also against the Law on the whole, which, in the opinion of the leaders of electronic media, is not adequate to modern requirements and international standards. 

The Declaration of Armenian broadcasters says:

“TV and radio companies of Armenia express their serious concern about the RA Law “On Television and Radio”, adopted by RA National Assembly on October 9, 2000, and maintain it does not assist the establishment of “the fourth estate”.

As all preliminary measures taken by the media against the adoption of the Law appeared futile, the TV companies decided to resort to extreme steps and hold a joint protest action.

Today from 20.00 till 20.45 TV and radio broadcasts will be stopped.

The protest action includes the following TV companies: "A1+", NTA, "Noyan Tapan", "Avetis", "Tsayg", "Tashirk", "Yerevan", "Abovian", "AS", "Lusalik", "Armine", "Gavar", "Armenia", "Hachin", "ALT", "Fortune 6+6", "Prometheus", "Cinemax", "Lori", NTV, RTR, ORT."