YPC Weekly Newsletter



Along with the reported difficulties that cast doubt on further broadcast of Russian ORT and RTR TV companies in Armenia, “Mir” Interstate TV and Radio Company broadcasting on the territory of CIS countries is likely to halt its activities. On January 9, the Company received a letter signed by ORT General Director Konstantin Ernst saying that, according to the contract signed in 1997, ORT temporarily allocated airtime to “Mir”, until the acquisition of a channel by the latter. However, starting in 2001 ORT finds the continuation of this co-operation inexpedient, Carl Yalanuzian, Director of Armenian Branch of “Mir” Interstate TV and Radio Company told Yerevan Press Club.

"If ORT stopped broadcasting in Armenia, we planned to issue our programs on the air of local "Prometheus" TV Company. However, the last decision of ORT leadership has created a deadlock, the ways out of which are rather obscure”, concluded Carl Yalanuzian. As some of the observers predict, the sale of ORT stock by tycoon Boris Berezovsky to Chukotka Governor Roman Abramovich may seriously alter the attitude of this TV Company to broadcasting in CIS countries in general.