YPC Weekly Newsletter



During the whole week the Armenian media published controversial data on the possible solutions to the problem of ORT and RTR broadcasting in the territory of Armenia. Both Russian TV companies refuse to sign agreements on re-broadcasting their programs in Armenia in 2001, alleging the lack of funds, and insist that Armenian party should cover the expenses.

On January 18, a number of newspapers published the report of “SNARK” news agency, which, quoting Robert Haroutiunian, the Executive Director of State Close Joint Stock Company “Television Network of Armenia”, informs that the solution of the problem with ORT and RTR is currently being negotiated in Moscow, and – provided the negotiations are successful – re-broadcasting of the Russian TV channels will be continued. In its turn, “Golos Armenii” newspaper published information provided by the RA Ministry of Transportation and Communication about the expected arrival of a commission from Moscow in Yerevan, which will attempt to find mutually acceptable solutions.  “Haikakan Zhamanak” daily, quoting the same Ministry, informs that the negotiations between the Armenian and the Russian parties have not taken place, and, most probably, re-broadcasting of ORT and RTR in Armenia will stop on January 20.

The deadlock of the situation is confirmed also by the fact that the head of “Television Network of Armenia” Robert Haroutiunian does not succeed in starting negotiations with the administrations of Russian TV channels. Meanwhile, the problems, associated with further re-broadcasting of ORT and RTR are becoming a subject for various speculations (financial, commercial and even political) concerning the division of the advertisement market on the one hand and the possibilities for influencing viewers, on the other.