YPC Weekly Newsletter



“Noyan Tapan” TV Company started broadcasting on 35th frequency. The viewers of “NT” have been observing over the past two months the image quality worsen at its usual channel, and at the end of last week the search systems of the TV sets discovered the programs of the Company on a different frequency.

In December last year there was a conflict between “Noyan Tapan” and the Republican Center of Telecommunications, as RCT suddenly demanded “NT” to stop broadcasting on the 34th frequency and, in a unilateral manner, took steps to restrict the broadcast area (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, December 8-14, 2000).

In spite of lengthy attempts to settle the conflict, the TV Company had to give in and to transfer broadcasts to a different frequency. As Tigran Haroutiunian, Director of “Noyan Tapan”, told Yerevan Press Club, presently pilot broadcast is conducted, as technical procedures to improve the quality of broadcasting continue. Besides, RCT is to check whether on this frequency “NT” disturbs the work of other channels and to give official permission for broadcasting. “If all goes well, our viewers will again have a good-quality image on their screens. However, shift to another frequency has taken significant financial expenses, whereas these funds could be used for the development of the TV Company”, commented Tigran Haroutiunian.