YPC Weekly Newsletter



For the first time in Armenia a specialized tourist newspaper named "Tourism Today" , founded and published by "Tourism Management" company, is issued. As Ruzan Vardanian, the Chief Editor of the edition, told Yerevan Press Club, so far the newspaper will be issued twice a month, but it is expected to become a weekly in future.

"Tourism Today" is issued in volume 8/A3 pages, 4 of which are in Armenian language, and the other 4 are in English language. The circulation of the newspaper is 3 thousand copies, printed in color at "Gind“ publishing house.

According to the founder, the English-language pages are intended for foreigners. They will introduce the sights of Armenia and the information on tourist services provided. As to the Armenian-language pages, they aim at informing the local reader of the development in tourism, of the advanced foreign experience in this field.

Half of the circulation of the newspaper is disseminated free of charge – on the planes, at hotels, other places of tourist interest, the rest will be distributed through retail.