YPC Weekly Newsletter



On March 26 journalist Vahan Ishkhanian was summoned to the prosecutor’s office to give testimony regarding his article titled “Corruption and the President Office”, published on February 21, 2001 by “Haikakan Zhamanak” daily. The story mentioned, in particular, that Smbat Nasibian, Chairman of the Board of Converse Bank, presented the Counselor of the RA President, the Chairman of the Presidential Council on Local Self-Administration Issues Alexan Haroutiunian a Jeep automobile, costing about $60 thousand, for the services provided to the bank. The author of the article believes that owing to the patronage of the President’s Counselor Converse Bank was able to monopolize the currency exchange desks on the premises of “Zvartnots” airport, as well as to provide financial services to the Department of Civil Aviation.

Smbat Nasibian requested the prosecutor’s office to institute a criminal action against the journalist for libel, disseminated through this publication.