YPC Weekly Newsletter



According to the data, provided to Yerevan Press Club by Deputy Director of the Agency of Press Dissemination “Haymamoul” Arshaluys Manukian, as of December 21, 2000, the debts of the Agency to the periodicals of the country amounted to about 155 million AMD. The greatest part of the debt – 142 million drams – was accumulated before 1998, 2 million – in 1999, and about another 13 million – this year.

Arshaluys Manukian says the debt is increasing for a number of objective and subjective reasons. On the one hand, the social and economic crisis and low paying capacity of the population hinder the collection of money for the production realized.  On the other, there are serious organization problems both within “Haymamoul” itself and in its contacts with partnering enterprises, in particular, with “Haypost”.  Besides, a number of ministries and departments, state-subsidized organizations owe rather a big amount -17 million AMD – to “Haymamoul” itself, and presently the possibility of mutual account settling is negotiated with the RA Ministry of Finance.

As before, about one third of the debt held by Agency to the periodicals is owned by “Hayastani Hanrapetutiun” daily – almost 52 million AMD. However, those print media, to which “Haymamoul” owes smaller amounts, run into financial difficulties today, also – because of the nonpayment of the Agency.