YPC Weekly Newsletter



As “Aravot” daily informed on December 21, a number of print media – “Aravot” itself, as well as "Azg", "Golos Armenii", "Haikakan Zhamanak", "Zhamanak", "Yerkir", "Chorrord Ishkhanutiun" and "Noratert" – refused a part of the subsidies made annually by the government to support the Armenian media in favor of adolescent-oriented editions: "Kanch" newspaper and “Aghbyur” and “Tsitsernak” magazines. Now, the amount to be received by these editions will make 7.25 million AMD, 3.25 million of which are to be allocated to “Kanch” and 2 million to “Aghbyur” and “Tsitsernak” each.

If during previous years the funds allocated by the government were “an apple of discord” among different media, these time the heads of the leading newspapers made a commendable decision. As Flora Nakhshkarian, the Chief Editor of “Golos Armenii”, puts it, this action is not only an act of professional solidarity, but is also a reminder to the authorities on the hard condition of Armenian media in general, and especially, the adolescent-oriented editions.