YPC Weekly Newsletter



On May 17 at UN Armenia Office, an event dedicated to the World Telecommunications Day took place. UN Department of Public Information and United Nations Development Program introduced their web sites and the projects on telecommunications in Armenia. The participants of the meeting were introduced to the Internet programs implemented by the UN, visited the FREENET Hall.

The Secretary General of the UN marked the World Telecommunications Day by a special message, saying, in particular, that the appearance of the Internet is viewed by many people to be as remarkable an event as the invention of the telephone or the print media. Yet, as it is mentioned in the message, the number of the Internet users in the world does not exceed 5% of the whole population, whereas everyone living on the planet should have access to it. Moreover, 85% of users today represent the most developed countries where the 90% of the sites are hosted. Presently there are as many Internet users registered in France as in the whole Latin America and Caribbean Isles, and only New York has more for them than whole Africa. 

In our interrelated world we must act together, make it possible for all people to reach the knowledge contained in the Internet, the message emphasizes.