YPC Weekly Newsletter



As it has already been reported, at the end of May the on-line daily “GazetaSNG.Ru” announced for its readers a special competition of most original and professionally developed proposals on Karabagh conflict settlement (see details in YPC Weekly Newsletter, May 26 – June 1, 2001).

The results of the special project “Karabagh Conflict Resolution” were publicized, as it had previously been expected, on June 15. According to the Editorial of “GazetaSNG.Ru” (the Chief Editor of the on-line daily is Arman Jilavian), the winner of the competition is the 57-year-old resident of Baku Rza Safarov, an electromechanics engineer, presently the Deputy Head of the Maintenance Department of the Azerbaijan President Office. The proposal of Safarov specifies “a partial change in the territories of Armenia and Azerbaijan, with the borders of each country with its neighbors retained: Armenia and Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkey”. This idea, as Safarov thinks, may be realized through drilling tunnel (underground) corridors in the directions of Azerbaijan-Armenia-Nakhichevan and Armenia-Azerbaijan-Mountainous Karabagh.

The Encouragement Prize was awarded to an international news writer Grigor Apoyan, born in Yerevan and currently residing in Los Angeles. According to Apoyan’s proposal, “the solution is to be sought in broader context. Every state that has claims for a particular piece of land appeals mostly not to historical reminiscences but emphasizes the fact that it can best contribute to the security and prosperity of all its citizens”. Apoyan, in particular, suggests that Armenia and Azerbaijan should “start a competition on establishing true democratic states. Mountainous Karabagh is to become a prize in this competition, and it will be awarded to the one who can prove that its people live happily and freely”. 

Diplomas of Honor were awarded to Aram Sargsian (Democratic Party of Armenia), Igbal Agazadeh (Party of Civil Unity of Azerbaijan), Alexander Manasian (Fund Against the Violation of Law, Armenia), as well as Hafiza Nazerli and Emil Mejidov (Azerbaijan).