YPC Weekly Newsletter



 A new NGO has been registered in Armenia – Info-Club, founded by the heads of the press services of 15 ministries, agencies, other state structures of the country. The list includes the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, of Justice, Finance and Economy, Industry and Trade, Energy, State Property, Health, Transport and Communications, Agriculture, Urban Development, as well as the RA Council of Court Chairmen, State Cadastre Committee, State Energy Commission, State Procurement Department, Information and Analysis Center of Economic Reforms at the RA Government.

The founders of the organization do not conceal that it has been established at the suggestion of one of the USAID structures, namely IBTCI.  As Yerevan Press Club was told by the President of Info-Club Manuk Ter-Yesayan, who is simultaneously the Head of Public Relations and Media Department of the Ministry of State Property, the priority tasks of the organization include the creation of a single information field among the state structures, as well as the facilitation of cooperation with media. In essence, the organization is to perfect the PR activities of the ministries and state agencies. Answering the question of how correct some media are to suppose that Info-Club will be developing mechanisms to help avoid communicating with media (as it is often the case), Manuk Ter-Yesayan said: “Why not, if the situation dictates so?”