YPC Weekly Newsletter



 On September 19 the life of a brilliant journalist and publicist, a member of the Council of Public Television and Radio of Armenia, one of the founders and a member of the Board of Yerevan Press Club Valery Aydinyan was suddenly interrupted.

On September 19 the Armenian journalists lost a colleague, whose 30-year-long professional activity was an example to follow for many of us. The Armenian reader lost his favorite author. His articles were destined to be read and widely discussed, simply because underneath the signature ‘Valery Aydinyan’ stood. Valery’s pen was equally good for in-depth political analysis, and for the neatly triggered pamphlet, and for the light, exquisite humoresque. Being the Chairman of the Commission on Professional Ethics of Yerevan Press Club, presenting at conferences and seminars, lecturing to the students, he relentlessly repeated that the journalism is bread which must be won honestly.  Everything Valery left us – the thousands of newspaper publications, the books – will be there to prove this point. Neither the fatigue of the years, nor the disease and nor the temptation of engage in something easier and profit-bringing could make him betray the journalism or simply step aside from it, even for a while. Writing means living, this is about Valery. Shortly before his decease Valery told his friends: “When I am 60, I’ll give up writing.” This happened 5 years earlier. And through no will of his…

Yerevan Press Club expresses his deepest condolences to the family of Valery Aydinyan. The memory of our friend and colleague will always remain with us.