YPC Weekly Newsletter



In the early morning of September 14, in the city of Gyumri, Shirak region, journalist Hovhannes Grjian was killed.  Grjian’s body was discovered later in the same morning in his apartment. Hovhannes Grjian was in charge of culture department of “Kumayri” weekly and at the same time was the art director of “Sevan” Theater of Poetry of the city. Criminal proceedings are instituted on the murder by Division 2 of Interior Affairs of Gyumri. So far the motives of the assassination remain unclear. Yet, as YPC was told by the editorial staff of “Kumayri”, as well as in the opinion of other colleagues, the 47-year-old journalist specialized in culture, was not involved in topical journalistic investigations, and therefore, the murder hardly has anything to do with his professional activities.