YPC Weekly Newsletter



On December 12 the Board of Stepanakert Press Club issued another statement – to support journalist Vahram Aghajanian. The statement says, in particular:

"Lately another campaign against journalist Vahram Aghajanian has been raised in Stepanakert. Whatever the attitude of the public to the activities of the journalist may be, regardless of how valid and compliant with the journalistic ethics the stories of Mr. Aghajanian are, we have to state that campaign unfolded against him has surpassed all acceptable and unacceptable limits and has degenerated into a flow of vulgar and coarse obscenities. The situation reached its peak when an ordinary issue of “Ple Pughi” satirical magazine expresses doubts as to the national and sexual identity of the journalist. Such concoctions (usually unsigned) bring no honor to any society, and especially to a country which declared its commitment to democracy and transparency.

The Board of Stepanakert Press Club has always been consistent in its support of civilized discussion and journalistic ethics, aiming to retain objectivity in all cases, and this was proved in the course of its daily activities. Another evidence of this is the statement referring to Mr. Aghajanian, issued by the Board a few months ago.

Yet, we cannot remain silent and fail to voice our protest when a campaign is started against a journalist in a most uncivilized and improper way.”

Further in the statement a regret is voiced that a “discussion” of this level is conducted by the Karabagh intellectuals, represented by the MK Writers Union, and an appeal is made to immediately stop the abominable campaign against the journalist.