YPC Weekly Newsletter



Recently the first issue of “You Have a Right To Know” newsletter was produced. The edition is published by the Center of Freedom of Information with the assistance of “Eurasia” Foundation. As the editorial mentions, the Center, founded in July, 2001, by the Association of Investigative Journalists of Armenia, even though established by journalists, sees its mission in protecting the constitutional right of every citizen to information. The stories of the newsletter are devoted to this very problem and tell, in particular, about the access to court information, the issue of openness of local self-administration bodies of the country. Besides, among the numerous examples of not granting information one pleasant but so far unprecedented exception is mentioned: “Achilles” NGO filed a suit of protecting the constitutional right to information against the RA Ministry of Interior Affairs and won the process. By the way, the “black list” of those who failed to answer the written requests of Association of Investigative Journalists and Center of Freedom of Information includes not only the names of the state officials of top and medium-level, but also the deputies, party leaders of Armenia.