YPC Weekly Newsletter



On December 25 “Aravot” daily received a letter from Hrachia Hunanian, the father of Nairi and Karen Hunanians, who together with other terrorists are responsible for the bloodshed at the National Assembly of Armenia on October 27, 1999, during which eight representatives of the supreme bodies of power were killed. The letter of Hrachia Hunanian contained threats and accusations to the address of “Aravot” observer Ruzan Minasian, covering the trial on the case of October 27, saying she discredits Beniamin Minasian, the attorney of defendant Nairi Hunanian. A little earlier Beniamin Minasian himself addressed the edition with a demand to publish a refutation to the report made by the journalist from the courtroom (“Aravot”, December 13, 2001), which mentioned the unethical behavior of the attorney during the court session. Yet, this is not the personal opinion of Ruzan Minasian, but a fact stated during the trial.

In his letter, Hrachia Hunanian openly threatens not only Ruzan Minasian herself, but also other journalists covering the trial on the case of October 27: “I have recently learned that 100 journalists died this year in the world. If Minasian or I were younger (…), it is quite possible that Ruzan Minasian would become the 101st. (…) Not only the mentioned journalist but also others distort the facts and endanger their lives. Let them think about living longer and not dying.” (Quoted by the communication of “Noyan Tapan” news agency).

As YPC was told by Ruzan Minasian, she does not intend to address the law-and-order bodies as yet, primarily because she perceives the letter to be a provocation on behalf of Hrachia Hunanian, and it is quite possible that the latter expects her to behave in this way. According to the journalist she has no desire whatsoever to be involved into this odd game, and will see what the development of events will be. If the aggression to her address persists, she will resort to specific steps, including publicizing the whole letter by Hunanian.