YPC Weekly Newsletter



On March 1, by a mutual agreement, the front pages of the leading Armenian newspapers (“Aravot”, “Azg”, “Haikakan Zhamanak”, “Hayots Ashkhar”, “Iravunk”, “Yerkir”), the web sites of “Noyan Tapan” news agency, Internews Armenia and Yerevan Press Club featured the same slogan: “No to Censorship! Remove the Draft Law ‘On Mass Communication’ from Circulation!”

On February 27, on the day of its issuance “Avangard” weekly published a similar appeal: “No to Censorship! Scrap the Draft Law ‘On Mass Communication’!” along with the text of the statement adopted on February 21 by media and journalistic associations of the country (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, February 16-22, 2002).  

This joint action is another step taken by media and professional associations in their fight waged against the draft law “On Mass Communication”, developed by the RA Ministry of Justice and approved by the Government (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, January 26- February 1, 2002 and February 2-8, 2002).