YPC Weekly Newsletter



On April 6, 8 and 10 the National Commission on Television and Radio announced the results of the competitions for broadcast licensing on 10 frequencies. Previously the results of competitions for other vacant and vacated frequencies were publicized (see details in YPC Weekly Newsletter, March 23-29, 2002 and March 30 – April 5, 2002).

The winners of the competitions for the two UHFs in Armavir (Armavir region) were “ALT-TV” and “Noy Hayastan” TV companies, which will go on broadcasting on the 22nd and 32nd UHFs, respectively. The 23rd UHF of Vanadzor (Lori region) will still be occupied by “Lori” TV company. The tender for another Vanadzor frequency (32nd) was annulled by the National Commission: the broadcast concept, submitted by the applicant, “Interkap” TV company, did not meet the requirements of the competition. Until the announcement of a new competition, “Interkap” will remain on this frequency. “Zangak” TV, previously aired on 25th UHF of Martuni (Gegharkunik region) retained on its channel. Finally, the programs of “Shant” TV company will continue to be broadcast on the 41st UHF of Yerevan.

Similarly to the TV companies, four FM radio stations of Yerevan were able to keep their “old” frequencies. Thus, “ArRadioIntercontinental” will remain on FM 102; “Van” will go on broadcasting on FM 103; Radio “HAY” – on FM 104.1 and “Dynamite” – on FM 107.

All the broadcasters above have had no competitors, apart from “ALT-TV” and “Shant”, the rivals of which, having submitted applications, did not take part in the competition itself.