YPC Weekly Newsletter



On May 6 at the Yerevan “Dinamo” sports hall the third international mini-football tournament for the Cup “Dialog of Civilizations”, patroned by the RA Prime Minister Andranik Margarian. The organizer of this annual event is the Foreign Correspondents Association of Armenia. Like before, the tournament is a benevolent event: the funds raised will be donated to help the handicapped children. The conductance of the tournament of 2002 was assisted to by the Football Federation of Armenia, “Eurofootball” association, the Iranian Embassy in Armenia and the Armenian Assistance Foundation.

The teams of the Embassies of Iran, Germany, the USA, of the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Foreign Correspondents Association, the Armenian Assistance Foundation, “Expat” football club, “Armenia” hotel, the Armenian Development Agency and Yerevan Brandy Company will take part in the tournament.

In 2000 the “Dialog of Civilizations” Cup was won by the team of the Embassy of Russia, in 2001 – by that of the Embassy of Iran (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, June 23-29, 2001). The winner of this year will be known on May 30.