YPC Weekly Newsletter



On September 5 a group of strong young men intruded into the editorial office of "Abovian" TV company and demanded the staff to tell them where the founder of the TV company Artashes Mehrabian was. To avoid a new conflict the editorial staff had to stop their work, lock the doors of the office and leave.

In the afternoon of September 6 the Executive Director of the TV company Azniv Chizmechian told Yerevan Press Club that "on September 2 the management of the TV company informed the RA President and the General Prosecutor about the events around the company, yet no answer has been received and the management does not know who is in charge of the case – the Prosecutor’s Office or the Interior Ministry. Since this morning we do not know the location of Artashes Mehrabian, the founder of the company, who has called from somewhere and asked to stop the work of the TV company".

At 16.00 at the House of Journalist a press-conference was held, where the message of Azniv Chizmechian was announced to media.

After the press-conference the press secretary of the RA General Prosecutor’s Office Gurgen Hambarian informed the journalists that following the request to the General Prosecutor filed by Artashes Mehrabian and Azniv Chizmechian on September 2 (see the story above), the Prosecutor’s Office of Avan and Nor Nork communities of Yerevan is put in charge of the investigation on the case.