YPC Weekly Newsletter



On September 4 the “Constitutional Right” Union and "Iravunk" newspaper (the print organ of the CRU) made a statement, expressing their indignation at the actions of "ArmenTel",  owned by "OTE", the Greek state communications company.  For over a month the monopolist of telephone services in Armenia has been keeping the three phones and the dedicated Internet line at the office of CRU and the editorial office of "Iravunk" switched off. The interruption of telephone connection is evaluated in the statement to be an attempt of certain political circles of Greece to intervene into the internal political life of Armenia on the eve of elections. CRU and "Iravunk" voiced their readiness to address the court and the General Prosecutor’s Office of the country to bring "ArmenTel" to account.

Previously commenting on the situation in place, the management of "Iravunk" noted that the edition has no debts and qualifies the behavior of "ArmenTel" as an action directed against the newspaper that has published a number of critical pieces on the company.

"ArmenTel" itself justifies the disconnection of the phone lines, saying they were used to provide illegal services.

On September 5 the statement of CRU and "Iravunk" was joined by "Union of Consumers", which, on its behalf, called on everyone dissatisfied with the services of "ArmenTel" address their complaints to the consumer organization.

The only phone line operator in Armenia is also at permanent "war" with the local Internet service providers. As a result, the numerous subscribers, including media, are often deprived of Internet connection. The providers themselves explain this tactics of "ArmenTel" by its wish "to invade" the Internet market, on the top of the existing monopoly for the ordinary and mobile telephone services.