YPC Weekly Newsletter



On November 14 "Or " newspaper published an article and photographs referring to the intimate life of the Chief Editor of "Aravot" daily Aram Abrahamian. The author of the article is the leader of "Or" newspaper Gayaneh Mukoyan.

A number of mainstream Armenian media devoted their pages to severe condemnation of this publication, which was qualified as degeneracy that has no justification, as most insolent, cynical, dirty intrusion into privacy, as a fact that "Or" has disgraced and murdered itself.

On November 15 the media and the journalistic associations of the country adopted a join statement of the following content:

"On November 14 "Or" newspaper published photographs and an article that violates all moral norms.

We, the representatives of media and journalistic associations, announce that by this publication the newspaper has placed it outside the journalistic community and does not exist as a mass medium for us any longer. We call on out colleagues to refuse from any contacts or cooperation with this newspaper, display professional dignity and ignore the mere fact of its existence.

We announce that this will be the treatment of all the media and journalists who will try to discredit our profession by similar pieces.

We call upon all organizations not to invite the representatives of this newspaper to press-conferences, briefings and other events, thus demonstrating their attitudes to the edition.

We demand the law-and-order bodies to ensure the intactness of privacy, because this publication shows that not a single resident of the country can be sure that no one eavesdrops him or makes secret shootings of his private life, thus brutally violating the RA Constitution and the commonly accepted international norms."

At the moment of Newsletter issuance the statement was signed by: "Azg", "Novoye Vremya", "Orran", "Haikakan Zhamanak", "Kanch", "ArmMedia" newspapers, "Hayatsk Yerevanits" magazine, "Noyan Tapan" and "De Facto" news agencies, "Photolure" photo agency, Yerevan Press Club, Journalists Union of Armenia, Association of Investigative Journalists of Armenia, "Team" Research Center. The statement is open for signatures.

On November 15 the National Press Club expelled Gayaneh Mukoyan from its members.

On the same day at the session of the Board of Association of Investigative Journalists it was decided to dismiss Mukoyan from the organization. Having condemned the incident, the Association, in particular, called on "all media not to follow the example of ‘Or’ and not to publish the details of Mukoyan’s private life".

Correspondent of "Or" newspaper Susanna Tonoyan thought it impossible for her to continue working for an edition, which allowed itself such demeanor.

The majority of the Armenian media representatives believe the incident is a consequence of the struggle of oligarch groups for control over media intensified before the elections.