YPC Weekly Newsletter



"FM Radio Station" is the name of the book by the Director of "Antenna" NGO Harutiun Ayvazian, printed recently. Published by the personal resources of the author, the book represent a guide on the work of FM station and is to fill in the shortage of specialized Armenain-language literature on radio. The manual covers such issues as the specifics of radio broadcasting, the technical organization of radio air, the formats of radio station, preparation and program production, the specifics of DJs’ work, the basics of journalism, radio advertising. This is the second book by Harutiun Ayvazian in the FM broadcasting. The first one – "The Work for a Private FM Radio Station" – was produced in the Russian language in 1998. The new edition is distinctive for the twice as big volume and subject coverage. At the same time, the author believes that the discussion of the radio broadcasting is so broad, that "in the nearest future the third publication will be necessary".