YPC Weekly Newsletter



On November 18 the RA Commercial Court secured the petition of "Noyan Tapan" TV company on suspending the broadcast licensing competition until the court decision on the suit of "Noyan Tapan" versus the National Commission on Television and Radio is passed. As it has already been reported, the TV company challenged in court the refusal of the National Commission to accept the application of "Noyan Tapan" to take part in the competition, with the motivation that the bid failed to specify the frequency claimed (see details in YPC Weekly Newsletter, November 9-15, 2002).

Thus, the applications for the five UHFs in Yerevan (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, October 12-18, 2002) will not be considered by the National Commission on November 19. The suspension of the competition aroused the concern of "A1+" TV company, which, as it is known, is among the applicants. In the opinion of the leader of "A1+" Mesrop Movsisian, the suspension of the competition is beneficial to the authorities, because the court proceedings can be protracted for months. As a result, the TV company will have no chance to go on air for a long time and will be unable to cover the presidential elections in February 2003. The leader of "Noyan Tapan" Tigran Harutiunian admitted the danger and called upon the public to do everything possible for the court decision to be passed as soon as possible.

On January 19 Tigran Harutiunian addressed the Chairman of the National Commission on Television and Radio Grigor Amalian with a suggestion for a reconciliatory agreement before the proceedings start. The agreement would specifically stipulate: "a) The National Commission accepts the bid of "Noyan Tapan" LLC to participate in the competition for five UHFs of Yerevan and schedules the application package review and competition results announcement as soon as possible; b) "Noyan Tapan" on its behalf assumes the obligation to refrain from further litigation on the matter."

In his interview to Radio "Liberty" Grigor Amalian did not exclude the possibility that the proposal of "Noyan Tapan" will be considered.

Meanwhile, the court proceedings on the case of "Noyan Tapan" are to be held on December 2.

As to the other frequencies open for competition, the bids for them were reviewed by the National Commission on Television and Radio on November 20. As it has been reported, the 24th and 26th frequencies of Abovian were applied for by "Abovian" and "Lanj" TV companies, respectively, the 40th frequency of Kajaran is claimed by "Kapuyt Jugh" TV company, the 28th UHF of Gyumri – by "Sirius Plus" LLC, FM 105.5 – by radio "Hai FM 105.5" and "Antenna" NGO (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, November 9-15, 2002). The winners of the competition will be known on November 23.