YPC Weekly Newsletter



On November 23 at the session of the RA National Commission on Television and Radio the proposal of the head of "Noyan Tapan" TV company Tigran Harutiunian to sign a pre-litigation reconciliatory agreement was rejected. The reconciliation offer referred to the suit of the TV company versus the National Commission on Television and Radio, challenging the refusal of the National Commission to accept the bid for the broadcast licensing competition. The reconciliation agreement was to the effect that the National Commission should accept the application of "Noyan Tapan", and the TV company stops the litigation (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, November 16-22, 2002). The National Commission motivated its refusal saying this reconciliation agreement would contradict the Procedure for holding broadcast licensing competitions and would violate the rights of other bidders.

As it is known, the competition for five UHFs in Yerevan was suspended by the decision of the RA Commercial Court, which secured the petition of "Noyan Tapan" about the suspension of the competition until the court decision comes into force (the hearing of the case is to start on December 2).

On November 26 "A1+" TV company that takes part in the competition condemned the behavior of "Noyan Tapan", announcing its actions are serving the benefit of the authorities and "Noyan Tapan" pursues its own selfish purposes (www.a1plus.am).

On November 23 the winners of the competition for the remaining frequencies, the bids for which were considered by the National Commission on Television and Radio on November 20 (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, November 16-22, 2002). "Abovian" and "Lanj" TV companies will continue broadcasting on 24th and 26th UHFs of Abovian, respectively. The signal of "Hai FM 105.5" will still be heard on FM 105.5. The broadcast licenses were refused to "Kapuyt Jugh" TV company, previously aired on the 40th UHF of Kajaran, and "Sirius Plus" LLC, claiming 28th UHF of Gyumri.