YPC Weekly Newsletter


“AIR BOX” 2010

Two Armenian journalists were awarded with the prizes of “Air Box”, Fifth International Festival of TV and Radio Programs Broadcasting in Russian. The festival is held every year, since 2006, by the International Academy of Television and Radio. Programs in Russian and produced out of Russia can take part in the competition. In 2010 the TV, radio and Internet pieces, broadcasted/published within June 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010, were eligible for the competition. At the award ceremony, held on September 11 in Prague, among the winners of the “Air Box” 2010 were: Artyom Yerkanian, observer of “Shant” TV company – for the documentary “The Grandchildren’s’ Response” and Gor Grigorian (Egor Glumov), host of Radio “Van” – for a program cycle, dealing with military conflicts.