YPC Weekly Newsletter



The road show of the documentary “Choice”, announced on April 16 at the hall of the National Center of Aesthetics, was cancelled by the instructions of the Center management. The producer and the scriptwriter of the film is Tigran Paskevichian, member of Creative Board, Director of film and program production of “Shoghakat” TV company. As Tigran Paskevichian informed YPC, the documentary was shot with the assistance of US National Endowment for Democracy Foundation within the project “The Wives of Repressed”. The story is about the families of political prisoners and the situation in Armenia before and after the presidential elections 2008. According to Tigran Paskevichian, the RA Ministry of Education and Science the ban was determined by the Model Regulations of State Non-Commercial Organizations which applies to state educational institutions, as well. The document prohibits forming and running political and religion organizations in such institutions. As to the journalist, the documentary, regardless of its content, cannot be considered as “forming and running political and religion organizations”, therefore the restriction on its show runs counter Article 27 of RA Constitution, ensuring the freedom of expression, freedom to seek, receive, and impart information. In the statement, released regarding the ban of the film ““Choice”, Tigran Paskevichian called upon the RA Ministry of Culture to provide a hall for the film premiere.

In its turn, Levon Igitian, Director of the National Center of Aesthetics, told YPC that the prior agreement on the premiere was made with the head of the Center hall without his consent. According to Levon Igitian, as soon as he learnt about that, he forbade the show of the film “Choice” for the institution, engaged in aesthetic education of teenagers, cannot carry out any other activities.