YPC Weekly Newsletter



On March 26-28, Yerevan-Baku satellite TV conferences were held. They were organized by Yerevan and Baku Press Clubs under “Possible Resolutions to the Karabagh Conflict: Expert Evaluations and Media Coverage” joint project, supported by Open Society Institute Network Media Program. Stepanakert Press Club was also involved in project implementation. Technical assistance in conducting the TV bridges was provided by “Mir” Interstate TV and Radio Company. Experts and journalists of the two countries participated in the conferences discussing different aspects of Mountainous Karabagh problem and Armenian-Azerbaijani relations in general.

The 26-27 March TV conferences were devoted to the research on Karabagh conflict settlement. The surveys were conducted in 2003, using Delphi method, among the experts of Armenia (15 political scientists, heads and political observers of media), Azerbaijan (15 analysts and political observers of leading media) and Mountainous Karabagh (5 political scientists, heads and political observers of media). On the first day, the results of Delphi examination in Armenia and Mountainous Karabagh were presented by the Armenian project coordinator Ashot Melikyan. On the second day, the head of the examination in Azerbaijan, Rasim Musabekov introduced the results of the survey among Azerbaijani experts. After discussing the report, joint Armenian-Azerbaijani conclusion was publicized concerning Karabagh problem resolution. It was based on the summary of the Delphi examination results. The main argument of this conclusion was: "Although the views and approaches of Armenian and Azerbaijani sides in many aspects are quite controversial, nevertheless certain potential was observed for reconciliation of the positions to achieve visible progress in peaceful settlement of Karabagh conflict."

On March 28, at the third Yerevan-Baku TV bridge, the audience was presented the results of the monitoring of Karabagh problem coverage by the media of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Mountainous Karabagh, conducted simultaneously (March 1 – July 31, 2003) with the same methodology. Media monitoring coordinators – Yalchin Salimov in Azerbaijan and Elina Poghosbekian in Armenia and Mountainous Karabagh – made reports.

It should also be noted that both Delphi examination and media monitoring became a final stage of complex research on Karabagh conflict problems, implemented by YPC and BPC for three years (2001-2003). The publication of the results of this research (in Russian and English languages) may soon be available on YPC website: www.ypc.am