YPC Weekly Newsletter



Recently the information about the sale of “Kentron” TV company and the change of its head was officially confirmed (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, April 16-22, 2004). On April 24 the new head of the TV company that will interrupt the broadcasts for 10 days and will go on air with a new name, “Aravot” TV, was appointed – it is the Chief Editor of homonymous newspaper Aram Abrahamian. According to Aram Abrahamian, the new owner of the TV company is the non-party deputy of the RA National Assembly (elected by the party list of the Republican party of Armenia, though), the head of “Milta” LLC Murad Guloyan, a fellow-villager of another NA deputy, president of “Multi Group” Company Gagik Tsarukian.

Aram Abrahamian (who, at the time when “A1+” was on air, hosted the popular “PostScript» program) announced on the pages of “Aravot (the journalist also says he will continue to head this daily) that he will continue to assist the return of “A1+” on the air, will take part in all the actions to support it as well as will offer the TV company to take part in the preparation of programs for “Aravot” TV. The delicacy of the situation is that the 37th UHF where now “Kentron”/”Aravot” broadcasts used to be taken by “A1+”. By the results of the competition, finalized by the National Commission on Television and Radio on April 2, 2002, “A1+” lost the broadcast license for the frequency to “Sharm” company, the founder of “Kentron” TV company. However, as Aram Abrahamian assured, should a new competition for this frequency be announced, “Aravot” TV will not take part in it and will assist the victory of “A1+”.

It should also be mentioned that on November 1, 2002, the suit of “A1+” founder “Meltex” LLC versus the Republic of Armenia was accepted for consideration by the European Court for Human Rights (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, November 2-8, 2002). The suit challenges the rulings of the judicial authorities of the country on the legitimacy of broadcast licensing competitions, held by the National Commission. Considering the fact that almost a year and a half has passed since the acceptance of the suit the hearings at the European Court may start pretty soon and it is quite possible that the 37th frequency will become the center of new developments again