YPC Weekly Newsletter



On April 29 RA Central Election Commission, in accordance with the RA Law “On Mass Communication”, ratified the Procedure for accrediting journalists at the RA CEC. The document mainly adheres to the provisions of the Law “On Mass Communication” as well as the Model Procedure for Accrediting Journalists at the State Administration Bodies approved by the Government on March 4 (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, March 19-25, 2004). However, some of the provisions of the Procedure cause concern that they may become an obstacle for the activities of journalists. Thus, for example, while according to the Procedure, the CEC accreditation is sufficient for a journalist to enter any election commission, Item 8 stipulates restrictions on this: not more than two journalists and two photographers/2cameramen from each medium. It should be noted here that the number of district and divisional precincts during elections in Armenia is usually about a thousand. Besides, Item 17 calls for coordinating each visit to CEC by an accredited journalist with its Chairman – unless for CEC events, while the permission of a press-secretary would have sufficed.