YPC Weekly Newsletter



The London-based Media Diversity Institute (MDI) held two more seminars on the subject of “Covering Diversity: Making the Difference” under the South Caucasus project of MDI “Minority Empowerment and Media Development” with the support of European Commission. The first of the seminars was held on April 27-29 in Stepanakert for Karabagh journalists with the assistance of Stepanakert Press Club. The event was interactive and was moderated by Milica Pesic (MDI Director), Adam James (free-lance journalist, specialized on the problems of people with mental disorders) and Elina Poghosbekian (Editor of YPC Weekly Newsletter).

The second seminar was held on May 1-2 in Yerevan with the assistance of Yerevan Press Club, the MDI Armenian partner. This time the event was moderated, besides Milica Pesic, by Alistair Crington (media consultant, Deputy Editor of “Cyprus Mail” newspaper) and Tatul Hakobian (observer of “Azg” daily).

During the two seminars the principles of diverse coverage of various social groups were discussed, as well as the editorial approach to pieces on this issue, the degree of media attention to the minorities, the need for the media to avoid the formation of negative stereotypes in the society.