YPC Weekly Newsletter



A brochure by a graduate student of Yerevan State University, YPC member Aram Mkrtchian “New Information and Communication Technologies in the Armenian Media” was published. It reflects the findings of a sociological survey administered by the author and the YSU journalism students in cooperation with “Advanced Social Technologies” research center. The poll was held in March-April, 2004 among 45 respondent-media heads (editors, directors, executive secretaries). In the selection of the media for the research the Armenian Media resource of Yerevan Press Club (placed in “Address Book” section on YPC web site, www.ypc.am) was used.

The survey was to find out what are the resources owned by Armenian media; how and where they use information and communication technologies (ICT) and how necessary they think their practical application is; what are the expected changes and fears of the greater development of ICT. Using the data obtained the brochure author proposes recommendations on the use of ICT in the media activities. As of today, as the research findings show, while the Armenian media are active users of ICT, the level of the qualitative use of these, due to a number of objective and subjective reasons, remains low.

Such research was administered in Armenia for the first time; however, the journalism department of the YSU plans to study the situation of the ICT use on annual basis.

Aram Mkrtchian’s brochure “New Information and Communication Technologies in Armenian Media” (in the Armenian language) can be viewed at YPC web site: www.ypc.am in the “Studies” section.