YPC Weekly Newsletter



On June 16 on 23rd UHF in Yerevan the broadcasts of Russian “Kultura” TV channel started. The decision to allocate this frequency to the RA Ministry of Transportation and Communication for complete rebroadcasting of Russian “Kultura” TV channel in compliance with the recently signed interstate agreement between Armenia and Russia was passed at the session of National Commission on Television and Radio on June 14.

Previously, the 23rd UHF was used for re-broadcasting the program of Russian NTV channel. ON April 9, 2004 the broadcasts of NTV were interrupted. “Paradise” company, in charge of the rebroadcasting, explained the disappearance of the Russian TV channel from the Armenian air by technical problems. At the same time an opinion was voiced that the closure of NTV can be a consequence of the TV company’s coverage of opposition rallies in Yerevan (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, April 9-15, 2004). According to the National Commission on Television and Radio, the issue of transferring the frequency to the disposal of the RA Government was discussed with the management of «Paradise” which presented no claims to own the UHF.

It should also be noted that some programs of “Kultura” TV channel on the 37th UHF were rebroadcast by “Kentron” TV company (presently – “Aravot”) – in accordance with the agreement between the two entities. Now “Aravot” will have to solve the issue of filling in the airtime.

On the same session of June 14 the National Commission on Television and Radio passed a decision to provide the “Public Center of Television Cable Systems” a license for cable broadcasting, stipulating a fee of 400 thousand drams (about $ 720). A similar license is issued for the first time throughout the existence of the National Commission, formed on March 19, 2001 (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, March 17-23. 2001).

According to another decision of the Commission of June 14, soon the media will publish the full official list of frequencies allocated for TV broadcasting on the territory of Armenia.