YPC Weekly Newsletter



On July 9 the deputy of the RA National Assembly, the Chairman of the Association of Political Scientists of Armenia Hmayak Hovhannisian again addressed a letter to the RA General Prosecutor Aghvan Hovsepian with regard to the accusations of himself made on June 15, 2004 on the air of “ALM” TV company. The first appeal of the NA deputy to General Prosecutor on June 21 contained a demand to institute criminal proceedings against the owner and head of “ALM” media holding Tigran Karapetian for incitement of national hatred, libel and insult. The reason for this was the authorship program of Tigran Karapetian “Price of Question”, in which, in the opinion of Hmayak Hovhannisian, the program host Tigran Karapetian insulted and defamed him (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, June 18-24, 2004).

This time the NA deputy proposed a preventive punishment of imprisonment for Tigran Karapetian, saying that “his being unpunished and the style of management of “ALM” TV company contribute to the revelation of fascist trend that before did not exist in Armenia”.

On his behalf Tigran Karapetian said that he will only answer the accusations of Hmayak Hovhannisian in court. The General Prosecutor’s Office so far has not instituted criminal proceedings against the head of the media holding.