YPC Weekly Newsletter



On January 26 in Strasbourg at the winter session of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe Resolution 1787(2001) “Implementation of Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights” was approved. Due to the fact that a number of countries, including Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Serbia, fail to implement the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), Point 4 of the Resolution calls these countries “to make the issue of non-compliance and solutions to outstanding problems a priority”. According to PACE, the main reason for this situation is the absence of internal mechanisms of control. Thus, the national parliaments are strongly urged “to introduce specific mechanisms and procedures for effective parliamentary oversight of the implementation of the Court’s judgments”.

To take note, on June 17, 2008 the ECHR recognized the refusals of granting “A1+” TV company with a broadcasting license to be a violation of Article 10 of the European Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, i.e., of the right of the applicant to freely impart information and ideas. This ruling is not fully fulfilled as of today.