YPC Weekly Newsletter



On February 3 the founder of “A1+” TV company, “Meltex” LLC, addressed the RA Administrative Court demanding to bind the seven members of the National Commission on Television and Radio (NCTR) to reply to its’ inquiries. Namely, on January 17 the “A1+” founder had submitted letters to all NCTR members – except for the Chairman Grigor Amalian – Zhirair Dadasian, Koryun Arakelian, Aram Melkonian, Simavon Andreasian, Armen Mkrtchian, Ara Tadevosian and Hayk Kotanian. The “A1+” founder requested each NCTR member to answer eight questions on how they had examined the applications of “Meltex” LLC and “ArmNews” CJSC, submitted for running in the digital broadcast licensing competitions.

As it has been reported, the founders of “A1+” and “ArmNews” TV companies were opponents in competition No.11; on December 16, 2010 “ArmNews” became the winner. The application of “ArmNews” was assessed by NCTR members by 44 points, while the one of “A1+” – by 2 points. The NCTR decision on competition No.11 noted that the financial means, claimed by “Meltex” LLC, “cannot be sufficient, given that the significant part of the supporting documents on the financial assistance (…) is forged and unjustified”. Namely, this fact rendered impossible for “A1+” to implement a complete broadcast in the digital network in Yerevan, assured the NCTR. “A1+” had addressed the NCTR Chairman Grigor Amalian, requesting information on the holding and summing up of competition No.11, and asking to provide information on the “forged” documents, as alleged by NCTR (see details in YPC Weekly Newsletter, December 17-23, 2010). The NCTR Chairman answered to the requests.

Regarding the January 17 “Meltex” inquiries, on January 21 NCTR informed that all the seven members believe that the correspondence between “Meltex” and Grigor Amalian contains an exhaustive reply to all the questions raised. Meanwhile, the “A1+” founder finds that this fact does not exempt each of the NCTR member from answering to the requests, and therefore has filed the court.