YPC Weekly Newsletter



On April 4 “Hraparak” daily received a notice of appointment from the court of general jurisdictions of Kentron and Nork-Marash administrative districts of Yerevan regarding the suit of Robert Kocharian, Second President of Armenia, versus the newspaper. The reason for going to law became the piece, “Do They Destroy Kocharian, And Explain to Tsarukian?”, published in “Hraparak” on February 12, 2011. The plaintiff demands to refute the information appeared in “Hraparak” that allegedly discredits his honor, dignity and business reputation, to compensate for the damage caused by defamation and libel, as well as recompense the court expenses. The total amount of the financial claims is 6 millions AMD (about $ 16,200), half of which are the court expenses.

Besides, Robert Kocharian demanded to seize the property and financial assets of the daily founder, “Hraparak Oratert” LLC, as a pre-award relief. The arrest was put on March 28.

On April 5 in an editorial comment “Hraparak” noted that the daily became the third “target of the campaign of RA Second President against the media” (it should be noted that this is the third suit of Kocharian family). Nevertheless, the particularity of this suit is that, in addition to the financial claims, it demands to seize the property and financial assets of “Hraparak” founder, undermining the existence of the daily, “Hraparak” stressed.

The court litigations are to be held on May 10.