YPC Weekly Newsletter



On May 11 RA Administrative Court started hearing the case on the founder of “A1+” TV company, “Meltex” LLC, versus the National Commission on Television and Radio. As it has been reported, on February 21 “A1+” founder contested the results of digital broadcast licensing competition No.11. The founders of “A1+” and “ArmNews” TV companies were opponents in this competition, and on December 16 “ArmNews” became the winner: its application was assessed by NCTR members by 44 points, while the one of “A1+” – by only 2 points. The NCTR December 16, 2010 decision on competition No.11 noted that the financial means, claimed by “Meltex” LLC, “cannot be sufficient, given that the significant part of the supporting documents on the financial assistance (…) is forged and unjustified”. Namely, this fact rendered impossible for “A1+” to implement a complete broadcast in the digital network in Yerevan, assured the NCTR.  Assessing this reasoning as forced and biased, “Meltex” addressed the court demanding to restore its violated rights and nullify the NCTR decision on competition No.11 (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, February 11-17, 2011).

At the session of May 11 the parties presented their arguments. Besides, the Administrative Court secured the plaintiff’s motion on impleading “ArmNews” CJSC, founder of “ArmNews” TV channel, as a third party in the case.