YPC Weekly Newsletter



On June 16, a year has passed since the Governor of Shirak region Ashot Gizirian does not implement the terms of the amicable agreement, concluded between him and “Asparez” Journalists Club of Gyumri on June 16, 2010. “Asparez” informed about this in its press release disseminated on the occasion of the “jubilee”. As it has been reported, on January 18 and 29, 2010 the Board Chairman of “Asparez” Levon Barseghian addressed Lida Nanian – the Governor of Shirak region at that time – requesting to provide information on budgetary funds, allocated in 2005-2009 as financial assistance to impecunious citizens of Shirak, the copies of the Governor’s relevant decisions, and on the 2005-2009 expenditure of budgetary funds under article “Representation Expenses”. As the requested information was granted partially, Levon Barseghian filed the RA Administrative Court of Gyumri, demanding to hold the inaction of the Governor, oblige Lida Nanian to fully reply to both inquiries, as well as exact the state duty for filling the suit. The hearings on the suit started on April 27, 2010 and ended on June 16 with an amicable agreement. The new Governor of Shirak region Ashot Gizirian engaged to fully provide with the requested information until July 1, while the Board Chairman of “Asparez” committed to withdrawing the suit. However, “Asparez” received the part of the documents, even then unduly, on January 14, 2011, only after addressing the Shirak Regional Department of the RA Service of Compulsory Execution of Judicial Acts. On March 30 Levon Barseghian once again referred to the Service of Compulsory Execution for assistance in the full implementation of the amicable agreement (see YPC Weekly Newsletter, April 8-14, 2011).

In May 2011 Shirak Regional Department of the RA Service of Compulsory Execution addressed the Administrative Court requesting to give explanations on the June 16, 2010 decision, which is subject to implementation. The Court revoked the application. As a result, the compulsory executors are not able to carry out their obligations for several months, while the law provides for a two-month term, the press release of “Asparez” notes. Meanwhile, the public waits already a year for the information on how the 70 million AMD were allocated to impecunious people at the expense of taxpayers.