YPC Weekly Newsletter



On November 10 “Aravot” daily published an article “The RA Service of Compulsory Execution of Judicial Acts Knocked at the ‘Aravot’ Doors. The Occurrence with “Aravot” Can Be Qualified as Disrespect towards Media”. In the beginning of the piece, its author,  newspaper correspondent Ruzan Minasian reminds about the email, titled “The Court Obliged to Refute”, addressed to the editorial office by Margar Makhsudian, the attorney of the three former teachers of school No.11 – Lilia Margarian, Margarita Ispirian and Lianna Simonian. In the letter the attorney informed that in February 2011 the court of general jurisdiction of Malatia-Sebastia administrative districts of Yerevan had considered the suit on the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation of the No.11 School Director versus the abovementioned teachers, and had obliged the latter ones to publish a refutation on the untrue information in “Aravot”. What was going on at the court, how come the daily appears in this litigation, “Aravot” expressed its bewilderment in the story “To Refute, but What”, published on October 14. “Aravot” had not received the ruling of the court, is not a litigation party, thus cannot even inquire the court of the case materials and protocols, the story particularly stressed.

“However, these arguments apparently did not suffice the parties, who appeared from heaven knows where”, the newspaper writes in the November 10 article, informing that in the evening of November 8 the editorial office had received a document, signed by Lieutenant Colonel T.Torosian, Head of the Malatia-Sebastia Department of RA Service of Compulsory Execution of Judicial Acts. The document noted that the RA Civil Court of Appeal had ruled to “oblige Lilia Margarian and Margarita Ispirian to refute, through ‘Aravot’ daily, the information, discrediting the honor, dignity and business reputation of the M. Melkonian School No.11 and of the third party, Ruzanna Azizian, by publishing a part of the ruling in the daily”. At the same time, the Service of Compulsory Execution suggested the newspaper to notify about the “works on preparing the refutation” within a week.

“What information does the Service of Compulsory Execution exactly imply about? What should we refute? What articles of “Aravot” they refer to? Nothing is clear. We will not carry out the demand of the Compulsory Execution Service, since it is illegal”, emphasized the daily, referring to the relevant provisions of RA Law “On Mass Communication”.

“Aravot” will wait until the compulsory executors “come to the editorial office with rubber bats and ‘bring the refutation’ with them. I do not know about the bat, but the rubber will definitely be needed”, the author of the article Ruzan Minasian concluded.