YPC Weekly Newsletter



On December 13 another program from “E-Club” weekly cycle went on the online broadcast of “A1+” TV company (www.a1plus.am). The “E-Club” is produced by Yerevan Press Club in cooperation with “A1+” TV company under “Alternative Resources in Media” project, supported by USAID.

The program was dealing with the presence of Armenian language in the Internet: opportunities for using Armenian fonts, network sources, programs in Armenian, etc. The news bloc of “E-Club” particularly told how Pope Benedict XVI set fire the Christmas tree in the Italian city of Gubbio with a Sony Tablet S right from Vatican. According to another information, Net Index named Vilnius, Lithuania, as the city with the most high speed Internet in the world. The ratings of online sources and headlines of last week were presented by writer and blogger Dorian. The websites’ top list was headed by Google Reader, while the most popular news was the intensifying tensions in the US-Iran relations.
The next “E-Club” will be aired on “A1+” on Tuesday, December 20 at 15.50 (rerun – on Thursday, December 22 at 18.20).