YPC Weekly Newsletter



On April 24 another program of “E-Club” weekly cycle went on the online broadcast of “A1+” TV company (www.a1plus.am). The “E-Club” is produced by Yerevan Press Club in cooperation with “A1+” TV under “Alternative Resources in Media” project, supported by USAID.

The program was devoted to the online coverage of the issue of the Armenian Genocide of 1915. (The Commemoration Day of victims of Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman Empire is marked on April 24.) The plots, particularly, presented the coverage on 1915 events in Armenian and Turkish in Internet sources, as well as the website of Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute www.genocide-museum.am. The news bloc of “E-Club” informed about a U.S. citizen who has made 1 million edits in Wikipedia, about the fragrances for Apple gadgets, created by three Australian painters and Air Aroma company. The ratings of online sources and headlines of last week were presented by documentary film maker Vard Simonian. The web sources’ top list was headed by www.onlinegazeta.info, while the most popular topic was the upcoming ballot day of elections to RA National Assembly on May 6, 2012.
The next “E-Club” will be aired on “A1+” on Tuesday, May 1 at 15.50 (rerun – on Thursday, May 3 at 18.20).